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​Qualification for Bethel AMEC Scholarships
Please read:
Effective July 1, 2018, 
the qualifications for the 
Bethel AME Church Scholarship are as follows:

 A member in *Good and Regular Standing two years prior to applying
 Active participation in at least one of the following: Church School, Bible Study, YPD, Ushers, Music Ministry, Liturgical Praise Dance, Mime, etc.
 Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
 Demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding service and leadership in the church, community and/or workplace
 Accepted to or attending a college, university, trade school or technical school
 Submit a completed application no later than deadline established that contains the following:
o Completed and signed application
o An official high school / college transcript including most recent course work
o A letter of recommendation from a high school / college teacher, counselor or administrator
o A 500-700 word essay outlining career aspirations

*Good and Regular Standing is defined as regular church attendance** and payment of titles, dues, and or offerings. 
Note: Regarding regular church attendance, members currently enrolled in college out of the city must attend when home from school and members who are currently enrolled in college in the city of San Antonio, must attend church at least 25% of the year.

In addition, changes to the types of scholarships available will be as follows:
 $250 to part time undergraduate or graduate students (taking at least six (6) semester hours)
 $500 to full-time undergraduate students [taking at least twelve (12) semester hours] at two-year institution OR full time graduate students [taking twelve (12) semester hours or more]
 $1000 to full time undergraduate [taking at least twelve (12) semester hours} at a four-year institution